R.A.K. Club Writes “Thank You” Letters To Janitors


Thank You Letters To All Custodians From Random Acts of Kindness

By Manuela Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The year 2020 has been a long year full of surprises. COVID-19 was one large surprise that impacted all of us. 

Since then, Wayne Hills teachers and staff have put in many hours of work to make  accommodations for the hybrid learning model. In particular, the custodians of Wayne Hills have had to work extremely hard to clean the school and make sure it is safe for both students and staff. 

The members of the Random Acts of Kindness club (R.A.K.) decided that their first event of the school year would be to write letters saying thank you to our custodians for everything they have done. 

“We decided to write letters to the janitors as a small way to let them know how thankful and appreciative we are of them! We are always thankful for our custodians but I think it’s even more important to show our gratitude towards them in current situations. The custodians have done so many things to keep the school running and safe. Since we can’t physically say thank you to them, we decided to write them letters to let them know that their hard work surely does not go unnoticed,” stated R.A.K. President Jiwon Song.

R.A.K. Vice President Cassandra Witten also added how, “All members of  the Wayne Hills staff deserve a huge thank you for all that they are doing during this trying time, but most especially our janitors because all of their hard work. With COVID-19, the janitors of our school are working so hard to keep us all safe and healthy and we just wanted to remind them how much we appreciate all they do”. 

On December 21, the Random Acts of Kindness Club was able to safely deliver the letters in a stocking with candy canes to all of the custodians.

“I like to think of acts of kindness as a domino effect. The act of kindness you perform will one day come back to you. Not only is kindness beneficial to everyone, it creates a sense of joy and positive atmosphere. With this joyful atmosphere, it is easy to overcome obstacles as a community such as the pandemic and distant learning,” said Jiwon Song.