The Second Wave Of Covid-19 Has Arrived

The Second Wave Of Covid-19 Has Arrived

By Sasha Abramsky, Staff Writer

As the second wave of the pandemic arrives, the United States is passing 15 million cases and 284,000 deaths. Health officials are pushing people to keep following CDC guidelines.

In New Jersey, there are 381,486 cumulative cases and 15,674 total deaths.

“I know that we can win the fight together. Mask up. Social distance. Wash your hands. Use common sense,” stated Phil Murphy, the New Jersey governor, on his Twitter page.

Christopher P. Vergano, mayor of Wayne, posts COVID-19 updates almost every day on the Wayne township site. He also encourages everyone to wash their hands, social distance, and wear their masks. There are over 2,500 cases and 190 deaths in the Wayne Township.

“Now we need to double down on the public health measures as we are waiting for the vaccine to come and help us out” states Anthony Fauci in an interview with CNBC where he talks about the second wave of the pandemic.

Additionally, President-Elect Joseph R. Biden has indicated that he will request 100 days of mask-wearing when he takes office on January 20 and will also mandate that masks be worn in all federal buildings.

“I follow guidelines that are given and try to not enter public places as much as possible” states Isabella Bernier a freshman at WHHS. “I also don’t see that many people trying to limit the spread of COVID-19 to my family and other people around me” she continues.

“I limit the number of people that I see and wear a mask and social distance when I go into public” said Arielle Rabukhin, a 9th grader at WHHS.