What Summer Looked Like for Students This Year

What Summer Looked Like for Students This Year

By Sarah Ainani, Editor

Though summer seems like a distant memory, many teens across the country have come together to remember the limited summer they had. Of course, the internet has helped with the average boredom of a teenager, but students’ 2020 summers were certainly different this year.

¨I mostly learned how to crochet and create things by myself. It really passes the time and you get something out of it,¨ said junior Chelsea Lewis.

Some students have found a way to get their daily dose of sunlight despite the coronavirus. ¨Even though a lot of the places I wanted to go to were closed, I tried to bike a lot and I swam in the pool quite often. I did have friends over, but no more than 2 or 3 at once.¨ says Aleyna Abduramani, an 11th grader.

¨It was really hard not seeing my friends for the first half of summer, considering I’m more of a social person, but with patience and creativity, I made it work. My friends and I held decorated zoom calls and had a massive Netflix watch party,” says junor Makena Kirk.

Now more than ever, students have used whatever resources available to become creative and still keep that bond between friends. With summer being over and our time occupied with work, students are now using this techonology for virtual learning with the cohort rotation.


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