Wayne Hills Gives a Helping Hand to Eva’s Kitchen


By Gwen Sanagustin

Each year Student Council takes a trip to Eva’s Village in Paterson to give back and help the less fortunate. The Student Council Advisors Joseph Turso and Fernanda Saborido chose 20 hardworking student council members to make the visit this year on December 1.

It is like a little reward for the students getting to help out other people. The student council brings all the leftover canned goods from the food drive held during Spirit Week to Eva’s Village. They help transport thousands of cans to the storage facility. Then the upperclassmen get to have the opportunity to serve lunch for the community. After lunch is over the students sweep and mop and wipe down the tables.

“Helping others is really rewarding and puts things into perspective!” said Senior Karl Reidel. The student council members are all so eager to help out every December and get to miss a day of school.

It always gets them working hard to get to go on the trip. “Helping others is the greatest feeling in the world,” said Senior Christina Vittas.