CAD Teacher Helps Out Wayne Community Through COVID-19 Crisis


By Manuela Gonzalez and Grace O'Neill

As the global pandemic rises, there have been many shortages in some supplies. People in the Wayne community have stepped up and helped in as many ways as they can like Wayne Hills CAD teacher Bruce Lemken. 

Lemken has been helping out by making PPE, which stands for personal protective equipment, for people that are still working using the school printer and his own personal 3d printer.

The U.S. right now is experiencing a shortage in PPE due to COVID-19 which endangers many people such as police and hospital workers from being infected with the illness. 

“I received a call from a Wayne resident, who I know personally asking if I could help. I agreed to help as long as what I produce will be given directly to the Wayne Community,” Lemken stated.

As of right now Lemken has produced 86 PPE face mask fixtures that once they are printed the person using it can be fitted with the clear plastic sheet and some type of elastic material for head attachment. Lemken has also made 60 mask ear protectors which allow the wearer to hook the mask straps around the back of their necks as opposed to directly behind their ears making it more comfortable.

Lemken has made two deliveries to the Wayne Police Department where they distribute all of the equipment to where it is needed. 

“I felt the need to do this due to the fact of the high demand for PPE and the fact that I had the capabilities to do this at my fingertips. None of this would have been possible had I not gotten the support from Mr. Rewick,” Lemken stated.