Jeff Bezos Asks For Donations, Kind Of

Jeff Bezos Asks For Donations, Kind Of

By Afi Ibragimov, Staff Writer

Many have raised their eyebrows after multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos asked for donations in early March to help Amazon employees during the CoVid-19 pandemic. 

Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, created the Amazon Relief Fund to help employees and distributing partners deliver Amazon products across the US during the pandemic. The company announced on their website that they would use $25 million to create the fund, and encouraged the public to donate as well through text. 

After receiving much backlash from consumers and the public, the company changed the wording on their website: “While we aren’t expecting anyone to do so, you can make a voluntary donation to the fund if you desire to do so.” The company argues that it is a requirement for the fund to be open to individual donations because of its structure, but by no means are they soliciting those contributions. 

However, many consumers are still frustrated that a trillion-dollar company like Amazon cannot pay for their employees themselves. 

As people continue to stay quarantined, the demand of e-commerce goods will only grow, making Amazon an even bigger corporate giant. 

“I don’t understand why the fund is able to accept donations from the public. They are worth more than a trillion dollars. Good luck getting people to donate!” says senior Angelina Lamanna. 

Bezos announced this past Thursday that he will be donating $100 million to Feed America, a nonprofit organization that will feed food banks that are facing shortages due to the pandemic.