Wayne Coronavirus Update 3/29/20

Wayne Coronavirus Update 3/29/20

By Jimmy He, Senior Editor

Mayor Chris Vergano announced that, as of March 29th, there are 93 positive cases of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wayne, New Jersey.

This is an increase of 13 cases from the day prior and an increase of 71 cases from a week prior.

Currently, 90 of the 93 cases have been deemed non-life threatening and are being treated at home while the remaining three are being treated in hospitals. Vergano also reported that only four households have had multiple positive test results.

For a full statistical visual of coronavirus cases in Wayne Township, including age and gender distributions, you can view this newly updated infographic the township has provided.

In New Jersey, there are currently 13,386 confirmed cases of the virus and 161 deaths, a significant increase from a week earlier, where the number of confirmed cases was just under 3,000 and the death toll only 27.  Nationally, New Jersey is still the state with the second-highest case count, following New York, which currently has 59,648 cases and 965 deaths.

In a statement regarding the full statistics of coronavirus testing, Vergano stated, “The state of New Jersey only reports the positive test results and we do not have information on how many Wayne residents have actually taken the test and have had negative results.”

However, he reported that according to information provided by Passaic County at their William Paterson testing site, the tests are running with an approximately 45% positive result.

Vergano once again emphasized that the township cannot release personal information regarding those infected with the coronavirus to the public.

“We are barred by federal and state law to release the names and addresses of those that have tested positive,” he stated, “We are also prohibited to produce maps showing hot spots on the vicinities of where these people live. You will be contacted by our public health nurses if we believe that after speaking with a person that tested positive that you might be in need of quarantine.”

He also urged residents to stay indoors and only go out for walks in their respective neighborhoods in order to maintain social distancing.

“If you go for any reason… six feet the minimum, please,” Vergano said, “The only way we’re gonna beat this virus is if we end the curve.”

Wayne Township has also created a mental health hotline for those in need of support in a time of such crisis: 866-202-4357.

To conclude, Mayor Vergano emphasized, “Together we will get through this, but we can only do that by staying away from each other.”

As always, you can view Mayor Vergano’s daily coronavirus updates on the township website, which posts new information on a daily basis. Tuesday he will be joined by police chief Jack McNiff and on Wednesday by detective captain and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinator Dan Daly to discuss in further detail the coronavirus situation and its impact on Wayne. 

Stay indoors, stay safe.