Wayne Hills’ Cinderella Delayed Due to School Closure


By Christopher Mezza, Staff Writer

This year’s school play Cinderella was set to open on March 19th at 7:00 p.m. but has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent school closure.

The play will take place sometime during the upcoming months, depending on conflicts and whether the school closes for a longer amount of time. 

“While we are upset that we aren’t able to perform this week, we are using this time to improve our acting, sharpen our dances, and remembering that we will be back together to perform in the future,” said Junior Ally Fierro, who is playing the fairy godmother.

The show’s directors released a statement regarding the play to the cast and their parents/guardians. It discussed how everyone who bought tickets early for the show can keep them for use in future performances.

The email also talks about a broadway star on twitter, who is asking for high school students whose show was canceled to send her videos of them singing and to share their talents to the world.

“Although the delay is unfortunate, it’s worth considering the benefit it will have on the cast’s overall health and performance,” said Sophomore Aidan Woodside, who stars as revolutionary Jean-Micheal.

The cast keeps in contact with each other on their show group chat, where they discuss what is going to happen with the play and still joke around with each other the way they did at rehearsals. You can support the Wayne hills theater department by following their Instagram page to stay updated on any show news.