WHFC Works To Succeed As a Team!


Freshman flyer, Carli Imparato stunting with her team at the South Carolina game in August.

By Manuela Gonzalez and Grace O'Neill

Work, determination, and skill apply not just to the football team, but to the cheerleading squad as well. The girls on the team have put in lots of hard work in their routines and practices in order to support the football players and work as a team.

Football cheerleading is off to a great start! All three squads attended NCA Cheer Camp at Bryn Mawr in PA… Varsity and JV both won 1st place in their respective divisions.  The freshman squad earned 2nd place competing in the JV division,” said head coach Amanda Mascaro.

Mascaro also gives insight into how the girls have been able to perform so well. “At practices, we are always working to make sure we are game day ready… It’s amazing how the girls can push and get the routine to come together,” said Mascaro. With 17 new freshmen on the team, WHFC has persevered through brutally hot practices, cold games, and long trips. But their hard work has paid off.

This year’s Varsity Cheer team is united with each girl helping each other in every way they can. “They encourage each other and know they need to work together to have a successful season!  The three squads all support each other to do their best. It really is like a family,” stated Mascaro. 

At the beginning of every season, the coaches have to make a stressful decision of cuts. Not only do they take into account the athlete’s skill, but they also take a look at the athlete’s behavior and attitude through former seasons and throughout tryouts. 

“Cheer is definitely a team sport.  The success of the team depends on the WE, not the ME,” explains Mascaro.

Coming up, the girls have their important senior night on September 27th against Fair Lawn. The team will be saying goodbye to 11 of their beloved seniors; these girls include, Tabi Alboher, Megan Dunleavy, Sam Facciollio, Amanda Ferguson, Caroline Frain, Megan Hennessy, Kay Hodge, Emily Hughes, Delaney May, Alyssa Miller, and Ashley Peyser.

The Seniors have worked hard this season. They came up with the dance sections of the half-time routine and have some input on the music. Together Mascaro and the Seniors come up with the half-time routines we see at every football game.