Top Autumn Fashion Trends 2019 Edition

Top Autumn Fashion Trends 2019 Edition

By Victoria Galloza, Writer

Fall season has finally come and it’s about that time to store those bathing suits away and bring out the coats. You will definitely be seeing some unexpected and old school styles this season. Here are some of the top trendy styles and clothing pieces you’ll definitely want to have in your closet before the fall weather hits. 


Biker Shorts, Edgy and Trendy 

Biker Shorts have been very in style this coming year. Most of the trend makers from Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner have all made this the short of the year, seeing as how it basically goes with everything in your closet. 

Denim Everything! 

Ben Taverniti, creative director and founder of the brand Unravel, has been trying to make denim the thing to wear. Although, an entire denim outfit might seem too far fetched, his combos and new takes on the style will make a comeback soon. 


Cargo’s are making a comeback this year, when everyone saw Ariana Grande’s hot pink cargo pants they were set on getting a pair of their own. Now there are cargos in so many different styles and colors, so you might want to get a pair for the season. 

Cute and Warm with Faux Fur 

Fur has been in the fashion industry for as long as forever. For some time now, designers have been making it so we can all be stylish, warm and guilt free with some high-end faux fur this season. From adorable sweaters to endearing coats this season, you should definitely hop on the faux trend.  

Flannel Season 

It’s that time of year, this season you don’t have to just wear flannels as you would normally. This season some style setters have been wearing flannels cropped, knee length, oversized, underneath a cute sweater, t-shirt style or tied around your waste. Get creative with some flannel shirts this season!

White Sneakers Go with Everything

You must have seen this trend all around social media or anywhere you go now. They became really popular this year due to the fact that they are super comfortable, they are a casual wear and they really do go with everything. If you don’t already have a pair, make sure you get one before the fall season begins, because your going to want to have them tie your stylish  outfits together. 


Suggestive Styles Matches You Might Want to Try:

  • Cargos, cropped flannel
  • Biker shorts, white sneakers, oversized flannel shirt
  • Faux fur sweater, denim bottoms