How the Students and Staff of WHHS Handled the Disaster!


By Kendra Levendusky, Staff Writer

As the seniors found themselves in their last show at Hills and underclassmen looking forward to performing in the years to come, the students and staff describe Disaster!

Disaster! is a jukebox musical that, although not very well known, consists of a bold plot and questionable comedy.

Leah Rodgers is a sophomore at Wayne Hills and has attended the productions since she was in elementary school. For her, Disaster! really blew her away.

“This was by far my favorite show, it was so energetic, and It had a really fun and thrilling plot. I personally love 70’s music so it was really great when they would break into a song that related to the scenes. If I had the chance I would have gone to all four shows, that’s how good it was.”

Similarly to Rodgers, chemistry teacher Ammie Dumalagan says, “The show was entertaining from beginning to end, it was amazing and something I’ve never seen before. A friend I have taken to these productions said it was the best show I’ve ever taken him to.”

Even students that are not huge musical fans gave this absolutely ridiculous show a try, not expecting a show like this after seeing previous musicals. Junior Angie Lamanna gives her input.

“I really enjoyed this one. I felt it had a clear plot that made sense and was easy to follow. It was so creative and well done,” Lamanna says, “Comedy is incredibly hard to accomplish and you guys did it with ease. I was literally rolling on the floor from laughter at some parts. Disaster was a bit more lighthearted than the other ones and it was very cute.”

Physical education teacher and softball coach Rayna Caruso was a huge fan of the show and was happy to compliment the talent and execution of the performance.

“It was funny and had dark humor, the dancing was impeccable, and watching it was truly just a good time. This was very different from any other musical, people were singing and dancing along and I heard some of my favorite songs.”

And as the musical season came to a very sad end, all those involved were given excellent reviews on how well they achieved a true 70s spirit. It is safe to say, those that attended the Disaster! made it out alive with only their sides hurting from the laughter.