Google’s Plan to Expand


By Afi Ibragimov and Milana Shindelman

Google is proposing to use more than $13 billion to expand its network of data centers and offices across the US.

Google advertised their proposal in a blog post last Wednesday, saying their creation will create more than ten thousand construction jobs. Additionally, the project will add thousands to the workforce after construction is completed.  

The problematic side to this is that Google could possibly slow down business spends in the United States. This is because in previous years, Google has not contributed as widely to the economy and have not supported other giant corporate companies.

The chief executive of Google, Sundar Pichai, has hired ten thousand people to work in the US and has already invested nine billion into the project.

The plan is to grow over $13 billion in 2019 and is compromised to expand in 14 states such as Oklahoma, South Carolina, Ohio, Nebraska, and possibly New York City.

Stan Lynn, a math teacher at Hills, thinks that “it is fantastic that Google is going to expand its centers and create new jobs.” He adds that “any new jobs here is better than overseas,” saying that this could be very beneficial towards the economy and boost the number of employed citizens.  

“I think it’s necessary that Google expands its facilities because they run major platforms like Maps, Youtube, and Drive,” says freshman Isabella Lamanna regarding the company’s expansion. “It could lead to crucial problems if one of these platform isn’t running properly,” she adds.

Google hopes to accomplish the project by the end of 2019.