Another Business has Left Wayne


By Milana Shindelman, Staff Writter

The Fine Grind located in Wayne near Hamburg Turnpike has closed down, this past Friday, January 25, 2019.

The business ruefully announced its closing Tuesday morning on their Facebook page that had a photograph and a message that read, “In order to maintain the quality and service that The Fine Grind is known for, we must consolidate back to one location.”

The owners of The Fine Grind has introduced their shop back in March of 2017 and has been since a common place for everyone to go to. The owners and their staff were very welcoming to each customer making sure that they would leave with a smile.

The reason for closing The Fine Grind in Wayne is because of the lack of money to support the business.

“I have gone many times and every done there has been great service, good food, and drinks. It was a great place to go after school during the week,” said by sophomore, Allison Fierro.

All of Wayne is downhearted by the closing of the coffee bar that provided a place for everyone, students and parents. The Fine Grind was a place that was loved by an ample amount of people.

The location at Little Falls will still continue running.