The New and Improved Science Rooms


By Afi Ibragimov and Milana Shindelman

Wayne Hills science classes finally relocate to room 228 after four months of reconstruction.

Room 228, which had previously been a science lab, was just finished this January after 4 months of remodeling. New plumbing, gas lines, and other utilities were installed into the room. New lab tables with regular chairs were also replaced in order to mimic the changes made to room 241. 

Construction of room 241 began in the summer of 2017 and lasted nine months until Ms. McGrath finally moved in last April.

The room had previously been a computer lab and was turned into a full science lab during the nine months. The entire room was demolished, removing all old desks, chairs, cabinets, sinks and anything else that needed to be replaced. There are now high desks instead of ordinary lab desks, and swivel stools that contain no backs to them. These new adjustments are often a distraction to students.

Room 241 has many benefits, being that it is very spacious and a great workplace for students to be in. The downside to the room is that it has low tables with stools that are too high and uncomfortable. 

Along with all the benefits of the room, there are still some imperfections. Ms. McGrath, who previously taught in this room, said that “I like how there’s new technology, but it’s frustrating how it doesn’t always work.”

Melanie Galkin, a freshman said, “I think the room is really nice, it’s spacious and not too cramped. There [is] a nice setting and a good layout, but the only issue about the room is that it is always too hot no matter what season it is.”