Alumni Return to Hills to Participate in Business Fair


By Afi Ibragimov and Milana Shindelman

This past Friday, FBLA hosted the annual Business Fair in the Media Center to enlighten students about life after high school, and the reality of college and the workforce.

Through the Business Fair, students of all grades can receive information about different majors. These majors include English, government politics, photography, graphic design, etc. The students are able to gain business insights that local professionals have.

Each individual received a group of two to four students where they would talk about their experiences with choosing colleges, life in college, and the workforce.

The Business Fair helps students explore different majors and careers. It is especially helpful for juniors and seniors to understand where they stand and whether or not they would like to keep or change their major when applying for colleges.

“It helped me decide what I wanted to do in college and where I wanted to go,” said alumni Erin Hirz, now attending Marist College, about how the program impacted her. She said that “I feel like I should give back” and help students who are going through the stress of college that she went through only a few years ago.  

Mrs. Noll, the advisor of the club, said that she kept in touch with her former FBLA students through social media, and asked several of her students to come and visit for the fair. She said that this fair differs from the rest in the sense that “it gives a different perspective from kids who have been through the same situation.” She said that it provides a more personal, one-on-one discussion, rather than hearing it lectured from an adult.

“Getting to meet business professionals is a unique experience you don’t normally get in high school,” said a participant of the fair, Katelyn Bollinger.

The FLBA president, Ethan Goldberg said that “it’s nice having students come to participate[,] but we are making it a goal for more next year” when asked about this year’s student turnout.