Criticism Towards Facebook Rises as Russian Interference is Confirmed

Criticism Towards Facebook Rises as Russian Interference is Confirmed

By Afi Ibragimov, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Facebook called for a week-long “LogOut” to protest the allegations that have been surfacing in regarding Russia’s meddling through social media in US affairs.

Earlier this week, investigators found that Russia could be linked to fake Facebook accounts that supported the Black Lives Matter movement, and advocated for gun control.

The accounts were deemed fake due to the illegitimate locations addressed on the page and the Russian writing found deep within the database. It was also noted that the apostrophes used on the page were incorrect due to the fact that Russian keyboards do not contain the correct form of the apostrophe as used in the US.

The meddling of the 2016 US election also caused an uproar among citizens criticizing social media platforms like Facebook for lack of security among international propaganda.

The NAACP or the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People called for a Facebook “Log out”, urging users to log out until further action by the government has been done.

“They are essentially mind controlling by twisting people’s views towards important subjects like Black Lives Matter. By doing this, they are stripping them from thinking for themselves”  says junior Angie Lamanna when asked about the morality behind the issue.

When asked about Facebook’s responsibility, history teacher Robert Hittinger admitted that “it is the company’s fault but since it’s a new issue, the government still does not know how to handle the situation yet.” He claims that the government still needs to make “new laws and programs to defend against cyber terrorism.”