Destressing Into Wellness Wednesday


By Afi Ibragimov and Milana Shindelman

Wellness Wednesday took place on Wednesday the 14th in the library during lunch periods, allowing students to relax and focus on themselves.

Students were able to color various coloring pages using crayons and colored pencils provided while listening to relaxing music.

Wellness Wednesday occurs on the second Wednesday of every month, and the location changes every time. Last time the activity took place in the auditorium, this time switching to the library. The activity changes each time and so far Wayne Hills has had a meditation session and coloring.

The motive of this activity is to allow students to relax and destress from schoolwork. The students are encouraged to color for enjoyment, rather than thinking about schoolwork and other problems in the process.

“Wellness and mindfulness are things I’m really passionate about,” says Kelly Venezia, one of the guidance counselors in charge of the program.  “It’s about taking a break to come back refreshed and energized,” she adds.

Next month, on Wednesday the 12th, Venezia is planning to have Pets 4 less Stress. She plans to have the animals walk around the school throughout the day, allowing students in lunch to visit the pets as well. 

“It helps me focus and block out real-life problems” claims Danijela Markanovic, a junior. “It’s calming… it’s not only fun, but it’s also relaxing” adds Jessica Carleton, a freshman.

There will be staff yoga this Wednesday the 28th to promote spiritual health.