Being Aware: Why the Flu Shot is Necessary

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Being Aware: Why the Flu Shot is Necessary

By Kendra Levendusky, Staff Writer

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The 2017-2018 flu epidemic left a reported 80,000 people dead, including 180 children, making that the deadliest within the last 40 years.

“The emotion I might have with that [not getting vaccinated] is frustrating,” freshman biology teacher Amand Kearns says, “because if people believe in something that does not make any sense, they are basing a belief on something that has been disproven.”

Kearns proved an impressive knowledge on how to keep peers safe during the flu season especially as the flu disease is evolving.

“The thing that works for people that can’t get a vaccination is having everyone else around them get it as herd immunity, if the disease is not very frequent it won’t spread from person to person because if a lot of people are vaccinated there is a lesser chance it is spread to someone who is unable to get the vaccine.”

Research shows that with evolving diseases, different strains are forming and certain vaccines are becoming less effective.

Junior Jade He has an autoimmune disease that makes her unable to receive the flu vaccine due to the fact that it would more likely harm her rather than help her. This leads her and her family to do research about alternatives for people with similar conditions such as herself.

When asked about having her children vaccinated in the future she responded with, “I would definitely have to do more research before making that decision simply because it’s a big deal, but for the benefit of my kids I probably would.”

Several people have mixed emotions on receiving the flu vaccine shot. There is controversy within the world of celebrities, doctors and average people.

“The overall vaccine effectiveness was 40%, which means the vaccine reduced a person’s risk of having to seek medical care for the flu by 40%,” according to the CDC. “The flu shot is, at best, about 60% effective.”

With this information, one can only hope the strains of flu this year are much milder. Keeping all of this in mind, get vaccinated and spread the word, before the disease spreads to you.


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