President Trump Set to Meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

President Trump Set to Meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

By Gabe Geytsman and Laura Lassen

President Donald J. Trump recently announced that he and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un will be meeting on June 12th in Singapore, where the once hostile pair of leaders from two conflicting countries will discuss major topics like denuclearization and detente between the two nations.

This meeting, the first ever between a United States president and a North Korean leader, will make history, especially considering the recent nuclear threats from North Korea as well as the overall tension between Trump and Kim. Only months after Trump and Kim traded barbs, with Trump releasing tweets insulting Kim as “Little Rocket Man” and belittling his nuclear capabilities, as well as threatening “fire and fury” against North Korea, the two have agreed to meet in Singapore as Kim has made uncharacteristic concessions.

For example, Kim has released three American hostages his regime was holding, and has also declared that he will shut down one of his country’s main nuclear test sites. Kim also suggested that complete denuclearization was on the table, a stunning reversal of what most in the foreign policy department considered the fundamental stance of North Korea: nuclear weapons as a means of securing sovereignty.

“I personally think that Kim Jong Un and Trump meeting is a really great idea,” said junior Isabelle Wilders. “Granted Trump does not have the best track record with foreign leaders, he hopefully will put his preconceived ideas of Kim behind him and go into this meeting with an open mind.”

However, the path to peace was complicated by a recent North Korean threat to withdraw from the talks if the United States does not stop its joint military drills with South Korea that were initiated┬álast week. The move comes as analysts warn that Kim does not want to come off as weak to his own people and to the world, and has reverted to his prior stance of shifting the dialogue away from his own concessions and towards American ones. Additionally, Kim seems to have reversed his position on complete denuclearization, with The New York Times claiming that Kim “has revealed his bottom line: He will not give up his nuclear weapons as President Trump has demanded.”