Maroon Team Takes Overall Show Award


Photograph by Gio Leotsakas

First place dance Maroon Jazz Captains Olivia Alboher (left) and Sabrina Coniglio (right) performing their award winning solo during the SDA Show.

By Matthew Verret, Staff Writer

SDA has had another successful season and the shows have come and gone. The White & Maroon Team rocked the school with a great performance.

The Maroon Team won the Overall Show Award for the 2018 Student Dance Association Season. Even though Maroon won the show, both teams were neck and neck with the amazing dances that each team performed. The Overalls, Captains, and dancers all had a really good season and grew as one. Jillian Schear (White Team Overall) and the White Team put up a good clean fight against Gabriella Petrozza (Maroon Team Overall) and the Maroon Team.

Everyone had their opinions on whose dance was the best. But, what really matters is what the judges thought. Coming in at First Place was Maroon Jazz with captains Olivia Alboher (11th Grade) and Sabrina Coniglio (11th Grade). Second Place was Maroon Tap with captains Danya Abdou (12th Grade) and Sydney Dejewski (12th Grade). Finally, coming in at Third Place was White Pom with captains Stefanie Batavia (12th Grade) and Olivia LiPuma (12th Grade).

Alexa DiFiore (11th Grade) and Sophia Kelly (11th grade) are two good examples of dedication to SDA. DiFiore & Kelly participated in all four dance categories for the White Team. Sophia Kelly was also the White Relay Captain while Alexa DiFiore participated in the SDA Relays. “I think it was a great season. Both teams had so much fun and  worked so hard to put on a great show” DiFiore stated. “It was a really fun season, overall. Being a Relay Captain was another factor of why this year was so fun. I wasn’t a captain until a little bit into the season, but I still was able to get the full experience” Sophia Kelly said.

Maroon Team member, Emily Barch (11th Grade), says, “I thought the overall season was super intense. Both teams worked so hard and put so much into making it a great show. SDA is amazing and I plan on doing it all four years. It’s a place you learn amazing dances taught by talented captains and compete in a friendly competition.”

Danya Abdou, a senior, also participated in all four dances on the maroon team. “It was fun and exhausting, but in the end, worth it,” Abdou said.  She also commented on overall SDA experience.  “It was good because it taught me to work with the dancers as a team to succeed.”

SDA is a great time for students to learn and perform outstanding dances. Congratulations to the Maroon Team for winning the Overall Show Award. It was a nice clean fight this year. The real question is…are you ready for the 2019 SDA Show?