Flu Outbreak Spreads Across the Country


By Shan Battal and Maggie Beams

A recent outbreak of the flu has killed over 30 people, leaving thousands ill and stuck at home.

The first reported pediatric death of this flu season originated from Southern Mississippi. Since then, there has been 30 other deaths as a result of the flu in the United States alone. This widespread flu is starting to take over schools all across America.

Judy Daly, WHHS nurse reports, “Just this week, we have had over five reported cases of kids being stuck at home with the flu.”

Not only does the flue have students missing out on class work, homework, tests and quizzes, but it also happens to be affecting the students that have after school activities like SDA or sports. Absences from these practices have been setting other students on the teams back.

Junior Kiana Garcia said, “People in my dance have been missing many practices and I’m really beginning to wonder how long this flu will last, especially since it’s now taking a crucial amount of time away from our practices.”

Jaris Rousseau said, “Not that many people have complained about having the flu. I haven’t noticed that many absences in my classes but my step father has actually been forced into quarantine because he currently has the flu.”

Robert Yost, who is currently competing in a robotics competition with his students, also stated, “I myself had the flu as an infection and it went into my jaw and made me loose a tooth. Not many students have been out but a few have definitely been missing saying that the flu has them ill. My wife and daughter both got the flu from me and now my whole family is sick.”

No matter if you’re a teacher, coach, or student, this flu season is affecting everyone in some way. Whether that be students missing in-class assignments like tests and quizzes or extracurriculars like SDA and other sports, there is a tremendous amount of stress and fear of being far behind as a result of the flu.