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Favorite Movies Among Students Here At WHHS

December 6, 2016

Everyone has a different taste in movies, ranging from cartoons to documentaries. After talking to students here at WHHS, a bigger insight is gathered on what movies are popular up to this date. Film technology continues to modernize in th...

Popular TV Shows – Narcos

By Daniel Kang, Assistant Senior Editor

September 28, 2016

Season 2 of Narcos premiered September 4th. Narcos centers around the gritty history of Pablo Escobar's rise to drug kingpin and eventual fall. Season 1 and 2 both consist of 10 episodes each of about 50 minutes long. A third...

Popular TV Shows – Stranger Things

By Daniel Kang, Assistant Senior Editor

September 22, 2016

Maybe you watched the hit show Stranger Things on Netflix over the summer. Maybe you didn't. But I think everyone can agree that this show has been in the minds of a lot of people. It has now become a highly rated show after...

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