Pierce the Veil Held On Till May


By Jessica Moore and Alyssa Robbins

After waiting four long and tedious years, Pierce the Veil’s fourth studio album is finally coming out. Their new album, Misadventures, comes out May 13, 2016, which is coincidental with their song, Hold on til May.

The band had been postponing this album for a while due to the lead singer’s, Vic Fuentes’, battle with depression. His struggle to work through his emotional issues resulted in years of set back. This new album provides a very personal look into the lead singer and the band. “I wanted every song to have real meaning, and thought that in spending time in different places, I’d find new inspirations,” says frontman Fuentes, “that’s exactly what happened.”

The guitarist, Tony Perry, also severely injured himself in a biking accident back in June 2015, which is another reason the band could not release an album. They refused to play without him. However, the band had already signed up to headline Warped Tour 2015 for the summer, so they asked a friend to fill in while Perry was on bedrest. Perry is now fully recovered and is back to playing guitar.

“The new Pierce the Veil’s song is an amazing dance song. The lyrics are amazing and can relate to a lot of people. It’s a great way to keep your parents out of your room too,” said Perri Budd, a fellow Pierce the Veil fan and senior.

All of the fans are extremely happy to see the band come this far. They have waited so long for this album and can not wait to see how all of their misadventures unfold.