China and India becoming the most Polluted Countries

China and India becoming the most Polluted Countries

By Zach Miller, Staff Writer

There have been more than 5.5 million deaths in China and India due to air pollution in the past three years, and the death toll is still rising as the pollution issue cannot be fixed. Air pollution is one of the leading global fatalities and is one of the most ignored issues worldwide. Most air pollution comes from power plants, factories, vehicles and crop burning. The biggest source of air pollution is from the factories of the goods we buy and use, such as food factories, clothing factories, etc.

India’s biggest sources of air pollution are the burning of wood and cows for warmth during winter. these methods that India has are popular among rural and urban neighborhood’s, they don’t have electricity or any technology to keep them warm so it would be hard for them to try to reduce air pollution. For people that are in a developing country still burn wood wood which is one of the current rural pollution problems.

India pollution is so deadly and toxic that it passes being called safe by the United Nation World Health Organization. Because of this, the Indian government restricted cars on the road in New Delhi to try and reduce emission levels. The Indian government says that this will take some time but not a lot of money. A plan was made right after the decision to restrict cars, the plan was that after 15 days of using no cars or any vehicles that pollute the air, cars could be used again. In New Delhi vehicles contribute 20 percent to 40 percent of India pollution making it the second biggest problem in India.

India’s biggest problem are factories. The emissions from factories has been in India for years as of right now and is known to be a more popular problem in China as well. In China, Outdoor a pollution from burning coal was found to be the biggest contributor to the poor air quality, causing over 366,000 deaths in china in 2013. Environmental scientists say that is the coal source is left unchecked there could over 1.3 million premature deaths by 2030 in china.

WHHS student Dante Picannini studies sociology and says that “From what I learned about India and China, those two countries don’t really care too much about their pollution problem, they’re just countries that moves on with their day because they don’t have many people that come together and say we need to fix this. Its just ‘oh we need masks to protect ourselves from the unbreathable air that surrounds us? I’m alright with getting lung cancer mainly because we don’t have anybody that can help reduce the pollution.'” China and India may be the two most populated countries in the world but they could soon be one of the biggest places to die because of the pollution if it is not stopped.