Wayne Hockey Team Takes to the Ice


Junior Michael Brogna playing against West Milford

By Deanna Inciardi and Joyce Ahn

Hockey is a valued sport in Wayne, where we get to see both Wayne Hills and Valley High School students come together united to play on the ice. This year there have been many ups and downs, as well as both wins and losses for the players. Usually, on the field, Wayne hills and Valley are cross-town rivals, however, for ice hockey, they came together on the ice as one team.

Formally known as the Knights, they changed their name to Wayne High School Hockey Team this year. Their new jerseys have the school colors of both Valley and Hills. They also have each school patch on their shoulders, to represent both Wayne high schools.

Head Varsity Coach Justin Lisico helped his team with coaching to win 6 games as well as 2 ties this season. They started the season off with an amazing game against Indian Hills with a score of 9-1. Junior Michael Brogna led the game with 4 goals. The team also had another amazing game against Mahwah with a score of 4-1. The season started to go on, and they had many rounds of tough games, which sadly led them to 9 losses. However, these losses did not stop them from playing their best on the ice and instead made them eager for a win.

“The season has been tough, and we’ve played through tough games, but we’ve still made a lot of accomplishments along the way. In my opinion, the toughest game that we’ve played is Hillsborough High School. Through all our ups and downs, we strive to be a better team,” Freshman Varsity player Brady Driesse stated.

Junior Michael Brogna has led the team with 17 goals. This season, he has racked up the most goals and points for the team. He was named North Jersey Athlete of the week on December 15 as he had 5 goals and 1 assist. He had his photo hand drawn to commemorate his start to the season and his amazing plays. Freshman Brady O’Loughlin and Senior Josh Shpungin helped the team with both scoring 6 goals each this season. The leading Scoring for assists is Josh Shpungin with 20. Sophomore goalie, Dominic Tirella had a total number of saves of 294 goals.

Even throughout the ups and downs of the season, the Wayne High School Hockey Team has made many accomplishments, and they will continue to work their hardest to become the best team that they can be. Wayne Hockey helps the cross-town rivals come together for a game on the ice.