How Students Plan to be Healthy in 2022


Student preparing to workout at the YMCA

By Camilo Sanchez, Staff Writer

With the new year starting, many people are hoping to make changes in their lives. New year resolutioners tend to make these changes in order to better themselves, and most of the time it is specifically done to better their physical health. Some students at Wayne Hills High School are trying to do just that by running, going to the gym, and eating better.

Senior at Wayne Hills High School Alex Gilman has already been going to the gym for over half a year now, but plans to run more in 2022. Alex said, “I really enjoy going to the gym and I am very happy I got in the habit of doing so, but I find myself not training my heart as much as I train my other muscles.” Doing cardio such as running is a very important aspect of keeping our bodies healthy. It has been proven to be able to reduce the risk of several diseases, improve mental health, and naturally boost energy.

Junior Alex Ferreira has also made a resolution to be healthier. Alex plans to be consistent in the gym in 2022, when asked to comment on the matter he said “Going into the new year my main goal is to put on some muscle. I plan to do so by making and following a daily routine.” Alex’s goal is one many highschoolers have. Going into 2022 the gyms have been filling up with young adults who share a strong desire to grow.

Nate Kressaty, another senior at Wayne Hills is going into 2022 with plans of changing his eating habits. Nate said, “In 2022 I just want to be healthier and treat my body better. At times I could eat a few too many slices of cake but I plan to change that this year.” Nate plans to eat healthy by cutting simple carbohydrates and saturated fats out of his diet.

The start of a new year is a perfect time to change for the better, and for these students it is time to convert to a healthier lifestyle.