Should Travis Scott be Held Accountable for the Astroworld Tragedy?


By Badr Kwaik, Staff Writer

On November 5, Travis Scott took the world and the media by storm. The 30-year-old Houston rapper broke the internet across various social media platforms due to the tragedy that occurred at his Astroworld concert in which ten were reported dead and hundreds injured.

A considerable amount of people are quick to blame Travis Scott for the casualties that occurred at the event that took place at NRG Park.

This is not the first time that Scott has been guilty of the rowdiness of his concerts. Travis Scott has been criticized in the past for the nature of his concerts. In July 2015, at Openair Festival the Houston rapper supported the crowd to fight a fan who allegedly tried to steal one of the rapper’s shoes.

Furthermore, Travis Scott was charged with disorderly conduct just a month later after he persuaded fans to climb over barricades at Chicago’s Lollapalooza and led a chant shouting, “We want rage.”

At the Astroworld festival, ten people were left dead and hundreds injured. The festival took place on November 5th in Houston, Texas. It was intended to continue until Saturday, November 6. The following days were canceled as a consequence of the incident.

These deaths and injuries are a result of overcrowding and the deadly crowd surge.

A large number of people are blaming Travis Scott for the casualties. They believe that he should not have continued to perform after the deaths began.

On the contrary, some Travis Scott fans believe that he may have not been aware of the chaos that was occurring.

Wayne Hills High School senior Jake Santers thinks that Travis Scott should have stopped the show. “I think the show should have stopped earlier. He should be canceled,” Santers said.

A day after the tragedy occurred, Travis Scott released an apology. The apology video only made things worse for Travis Scott. Many people were left even more infuriated than before with Travis due to the disingenuous and lack of sincerity of the situation.

Kylie Cameron, a 21-year-old student at the University of Iowa feels that Travis Scott has not, done enough for the situation and should close his mouth. She stated, “I just feel like he hasn’t done enough. I feel like he needs to open up his pockets a little more and close his mouth because his statements have just come off as insensitive and not genuine to me”.

Travis Scott quickly became the main focal point on Twitter, with the hashtag “#CancelTravisScott” being posted in response to the chaos. Many people wish that Travis Scott would be boycotted on Spotify in hopes that he will not profit from his newly-released songs called “Escape Plan” and “Mafia”.

A lawsuit has been filed by Houston attorney Tony Buzbee on behalf of 125 fans who attended the Astroworld concert. He is seeking $750 million and a jury trial.

In addition, more than 5,500 people have signed a petition to stop Travis Scott from performing at Coachella in 2022.

Nike's Travis Scott shoe will be delayed after the Astroworld deaths : NPR