Getting Hyped for Spirit Week

Spirit Week is just around the corner, and Student Council President Jiwon Song gives insight into the plans for this year.


Spirit Week Flyer

By Katherine Colucci

This Monday, November 15, kicks off Wayne Hills’ annual Spirit Week, organized by the Student Council. Coming out of quarantine, many students are looking forward to a familiar and fun activity that they missed out on last year. This time around, the council members worked hard to bring back several of the exciting events that usually take place.

One of the most popular events taking place is dressing up for theme days, which was difficult to do during quarantine. Monday through Friday, students get to dress up according to the theme. Monday is Pajama Day, so students can wear PJs to school. Tuesday is Wayne Hills Day when everyone wears Wayne Hills attire or clothes that match the school colors. Wednesday is College Day when students can wear clothes to support any university. Thursday is Sports Day, and everyone gets to wear their favorite team’s jersey or apparel from sports they play. Finally, Friday is USA Day, when everyone wears red, white, and blue.

In addition to these themes, students also get to participate in Penny Wars, a competitive event where each grade tries to raise the most money against the others. Each grade gets two water jugs to fill with money, one positive and one negative. The positive jug adds to the total amount of money each grade contributes, while the negative jug deducts from this amount. The goal is for each grade is to add as much money as possible to their own positive jug, while also adding money to the other grades’ negative jugs to reduce their total. Whichever grade donates the most wins. The funds are also donated to a charitable cause that supports our community, making the event important and meaningful.

There will also be a gift card collection every morning during the week, where students can drop off gift cards to local supermarkets in Room 275 or Room 154.

Usually, there would also be a spirit rally on Friday filled with several exciting events. However, it is hoped that it will be postponed to take place in the Spring due to Covid restrictions.

Each event earns grades Spirit Points, which are totaled at the end of the week. This determines the winner of Spirit Week, which as to the competitive environment and gets more people to participate.

So many great things come from Spirit Week in several ways. Jiwon Song, Vice President of the Student Council, has overseen much of the effort put into making this week the best it can be, and she provides insight into what makes this time of the school year so enjoyable. One benefit that Song mentions is the unity that comes from participation. “The way everyone is dressed in the same theme creates a sense of unity. Moreover, the giving of the gift cards and donations in the Penny Wars creates a sense of unity as we are all working together to give back to the community.”

Many students haven’t experienced a true Spirit Week yet at Hills, mainly including Freshmen and Sophomores, and Song says that the events are certainly something to be excited about. “The sense of school spirit overflows….be ready for the extreme competitive nature that is established for the Penny Wars and gift card collection!”

Overall, this upcoming week is going to be one of the best in the school year, so get ready to participate in all of the fun!