Who is Noodle The Pug?


Noodle the pug and Jonathan Graziano

By Lizzy Boulos, Staff Writer

Thirteen-year-old pug Noodle has declared Monday, October 25 a bones day. 

“Without Noodle I have no direction in life,” Mr. Goebelbecker, an English teacher said.

A fast internet sensation Noodle has quickly become the mental health reporter for TikTok users everywhere. Earning around 10.9 million views, Jonathan Graziano, Noodle’s owner, posts every day around 10 am. He walks over to the pug’s bed, holds him in an upright position then gently releases him. If Noodle falls over like dead weight it is declared a no-bones day, which most days are. When Noodle declares a day no-bones it means to “wear soft pants today. No hard pants on a no bones day. Say no to plans” said Graziano in a TikTok last Thursday. A rarity is bone days. Bones-days start when Jonathan Graziano lifts Noodle, and he stays standing! What Jonathan Graziano says when it is a bones-day is to go after what you want, dress up, be confident, and even get that Japanese fried chicken you were going to order for lunch with the curry to dip it in. 

Deanna Gaber, a junior said, “We convinced my gov teacher to not give us a quiz because it was a no bones day.”

A 13-year-old pug has single-handedly become a staple in the burned-out masses. Some even call him an oracle to the gods. Almost like a weather report, many of us find ourselves checking TikTok every morning to find this out.

Sophomore Matt Anevski said, “I think that Noodle is fun. Sometimes it’s hard to decide on what you need mentally, and having someone give you a day to rest is just what some people need.”

 Noodle has quickly taken over our hearts and our mental health, so keep checking @jongraz on TikTok for your daily bones-check.