2021 Senior Editor Farewells

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close, our senior Patriot Press editors must pass the baton to next editorial staff. Below, each of our graduating editors have written a farewell and reflection on their time with The Patriot Press.

Senior Editor – Lauren Reiser

Although it feels like a lifetime ago, I can actually remember my first Patriot Press meeting. Like a typical lost freshman, I aimlessly wandered the Wayne Hills halls for about ten minutes looking for the right classroom. After quite a few wrong turns, I finally found the correct room, but as I went to walk in, I hesitated; I knew only one other person in the club, and all of the other members were upperclassmen. However, once I walked into that room, it became clear to me that there was no reason to be nervous. Every member went out of their way to welcome me and show me the ropes, helping me set up my account, add to the beat list, and write my first article. Throughout my four years of writing and editing for The Patriot Press, I have tried to make all of our members feel as welcomed and included as I did on my first day.

Working as Senior Editor this year has been an absolute honor, and I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to lead other students who care about using their voices to inform our community. I have learned so much from our incredibly talented team of editors, writers, and photographers, and I truly believe that The Patriot Press has transcended past being a club: it’s a community. Whether we are writing about school sports or discussing national news, our staff is collaborative, determined, and passionate. Despite the challenges of a worldwide pandemic, we maintained a cohesive and enthusiastic team in the current virtual environment, and I am so proud of everyone’s hard work this year. I really couldn’t have asked for a better group, and I don’t doubt for a second that I am leaving the paper in great hands.

Throughout my four years with The Patriot Press, I have learned a lot about commitment, leadership, and diligence. Most importantly, I have developed the ability to confidently speak my mind and communicate my ideas effectively. I know these skills will continue to help me for years to come.

To Mrs. Del Moro, our amazing and dedicated advisor, I can’t thank you enough for all of the time and energy you have put into the paper over all of these years. While The Patriot Press certainly won’t be the same without you, I wish you so much happiness and retirement.
While this has certainly been a tough and unprecedented year, I am confident that the newspaper will continue to grow and I wish the next editorial staff the best of luck.


Assistant Senior Editor – Lily Waterman

As a more STEM-oriented student taking multiple science and math AP courses, the Patriot Press has allowed me to explore outlets of creativity and interests outside of what I would normally fill my time. From actually reading the newspaper to listening to some insane headlines and ideas during our meetings, I feel like my time spent at The Patriot Press has enriched my life in many ways that have made me a more well rounded student and person. Diving deeper into the insanity that has been the last year has been so important to keep up with as we are living through history; the paper has served as a tie to keep me informed and accountable.  

Especially this year, I found keeping up with what is going on in the world excessively difficult. I specifically remember Mrs. Del Moro and Lauren talking about riots happening in D.C. and that was the first time I had heard about it; they have become my first source of information many more times than they should have. I had such an amazing time listening to them speak and discuss ideas as they have both taught me how to become informed and educate others about current events. 

As my dad constantly says, “the key to good writing is good editing.” There is nothing better to read than to read about something someone is passionate and excited about, as that truly shines through. I would like to thank Mrs. Del Moro and the staff for all four years for being so welcoming and animated about The Patriot Press. Thank you for teaching us all about not only grammar or writing, but how to be better students, people, and leaders and to speak about the things that make us shine. 


Senior Section Editor – Luke Kaplan

On one of my first days as a member of The Patriot Press, Mrs. Del Moro told our Journalism class that from this point forward I am a journalist. This was a responsibility I did not take lightly. I could no longer bury my head in the sand, and I had to stay educated on current events at all times.

During my time as a writer and editor for The Patriot Press, I was able to cover a tumultuous period of history. The Trump presidency, Brett Kavanaugh trials, the Black Lives Matter Movement, the 2020 election, the attack on the Capitol, the coronavirus pandemic, and the list goes on and on. These stories brought with them the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I watched closely.

One of my favorite memories from high school was our Journalism class trip to Morning Joe and Fox & Friends (and getting Panera after of course). I felt like I was inside my TV screen, as I saw the inside of a newsroom and the set from where the political commentators speak. I also thought it was poetic that even though MSNBC and Fox are on completely opposite sides of the political spectrum, we were able to see and learn from both news organizations. In a time where the news and America as a whole is more polarized than ever, I often think back to this day.

Since I started writing for the Patriot Press during my sophomore year, I have evolved immensely not only as a writer but as a person as well. Under Mrs. Del Moro’s guidance, I learned valuable lessons about writing and life, and it was a privilege to work under her. I wish her the best in retirement and hope that Wayne Hills can find someone half as good to take her place.


Senior Section Editor – Noah Kaplan

Being a member of The Patriot Press these last three years has been an extremely rewarding experience that I will miss and never forget. After joining Mrs. Del Moro’s journalism class my sophomore year, I began my journey on writing, creating, and editing beats covering a wide variety of topics; whether it was sports, entertainment, school news, or technology, The Patriot Press taught me how to write about virtually anything and pushed me to become a better writer in the process. I learned more about the world around me and then used what I learned to educate others through my writing. Not only did I become a better writer through this club, but I also met many friends that I am extremely grateful for. One of my fondest memories of high school was meeting the man, the myth, the legend, Willie Geist, on the set of The Morning Joe. It was a surreal experience to go backstage and watch a live taping of the show itself and is definitely a day I will cherish.

I finally would like to thank Mrs. Del Moro for all her hard work dedicated to this club and her incredible career at Wayne Hills. Even through the pandemic, Mrs. Del Moro pushed for her students to continue to research beats and keep up with the news. Mrs. Del Moro’s constant encouragement and guidance have shaped this club into what it is today and what it will be for the future classes of Wayne Hills to come. I am thankful that I chose journalism as my sophomore year elective and am eternally grateful for the lifelong memories I will have because of my rash decision as an awkward freshman.

Over the past two years, I have had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the Wayne Hills Patriot Press. This overall experience has allowed me to grow as both a person and a writer, providing a creative space for students like me to express themselves and find their voice. As I reflect on my time as a student journalist, I can not believe how much I have learned by covering such a wide variety of topics including politics, international and national news, and even entertainment. Having the chance to explore such a vast range of subjects has not only helped to strengthen my writing and reporting skills, but it has also fueled my inquisitive nature, encouraging me to continue seeking the truth. 

Before joining The Patriot Press, I never paid much attention to what was happening in the world around me. However, after writing about countless current events and controversies, my entire perspective has shifted, and I have come to learn the importance of journalism as a whole. No matter where you may live in the world, the truth matters and deserves to be heard. Thus, the lessons that I have learned here at The Patriot Press will be ones that I continue to carry through life. I will always hold dear to my heart this experience and the platform that Mrs. Del Moro has provided for students to express their creativity and allow their voices to be heard.


Fashion / Entertainment Editor – Yulienna Sim

As my career at Wayne Hills and in Patriot Press adjourns, I look back fondly at the memories and lessons I have learned in journalism. Not only have my writing skills improved significantly, but I was also given the chance to grow as a person while being informed of the world around me. 

When I was a freshman picking my courses for sophomore year, I was unaware of the impact of deciding to take journalism as my elective. However, through a recommendation from a friend, I chose a class that would shape me well into the future. Journalism was truly the favorite part of my school day as it was an outlet for me to express my thoughts and a light compared to my other dull classes. I especially enjoyed how much more educated and in contact I was with the news during my time in Patriot Press. By being able to have the time to research important topics that affected the world, my eyes were opened to things I would not have noticed before.

Even with it’s serious parts, journalism provided me with memories I will forever cherish. Whether it was writing about an instagram post of an egg or visiting Morning Joe in the city, I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to enrich and enjoy myself at the same time. Without Mrs. Del Moro, I can confidently say that I do not know if I would have chosen to continue journalism in Patriot Press. But with the best mentor guiding me through obstacles and making me laugh everyday, Mrs. Del Moro has certainly made her mark on Patriot Press and me. I will undoubtedly bring the lessons and memories I have gained into adulthood.