Schools Should Not Ban Cell Phone Use

By Manuela Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Throughout the years’, technology has developed in an unexpected way. This includes our everyday cell phones. The everyday use of cell phones has caused distractions in many schools throughout the United States. Students are becoming less aware of the teaching going on and spending more time on their social media life through their phones. Even though phones have caused off-task behaviors and cheating in schools, schools should not be allowed to ban the use of cell phones.

As the years go by,  technology will be the future of the world. Teachers are and should be teaching using phones and computers. Students should be more comfortable with things that they will see more outside of school and in the real world. Using phones to learn is a great way to teach students about responsibility and management. They will be able to learn how to use their phone properly and professionally if teachers teach more with them. With cellphone use to teach a lesson, the learning mood could also be exciting and interesting. 

A cell phone ban shows the teacher’s lack of trust and does not give the student enough credit to prove that they can work while having their cellphones out. Students can become more rebellious and try to hide their phones from teachers so they will not take them away. Taking the students’ phone away also makes it feel like they lost the privilege that their parents have given them now that they are older.

Banning cellphones is also a safety concern for many parents and the students themselves. Even though many school districts that have banned phones have thought of ideas to resolve the problem, it will not be the same. In an emergency, parents should be able to contact their child right away without wasting time going all the way to the office to answer the phone call.

Instead of banning phones teachers, should use the incredible piece of technology to teach their lessons. Teachers can incorporate cellphone use with teaching through finding fun games the class can try that corresponds with the lesson. In business-type classes, they can teach students how to pay taxes and how to buy stock. Teachers can allow texting for peer-editing assignments. Lastly, teachers can point students into the direction of creative apps that will help them study for upcoming assessments.