Third World Crises


By Joy Lee

Many third world countries are known for their delay in advancements in many aspects. Some of these problems include the growth of slums, lack of clean water, education, and increasing debts. Although they are often overlooked, these concerns affect us all, and they are apart of our world that needs assistance.

The word slum is something that is often thrown around, but the meaning is something that is considered unthinkable to most. “I feel like people should be making a greater effort to help these people living in such unfortunate events. They are sadly not in the media and seem to disappear in the mainstream news.” Celine Kim a sophomore at Wayne Hills. Slums are highly populated areas full of houses made out of various items that create unfit living conditions. Currently, there are about 1 billion people living in slums, and this number is predicted to continue to rise as the world urbanizes even more.

Due to the number of slums in third world countries, education opportunities are often limited to primary school or even living without education. Even though many people around us take for granted the education that we have, many people our age wish they could attend a school even for just a week. “Most slum children go to schools where teaching standards are low and classrooms are seriously under-equipped. … For older children, vital textbooks are absent, and their parents can’t afford to buy them.” (Asha India). Although many children are offered an opportunity to obtain an education, they are not able because of their deficient financial support. They cannot afford to buy necessary materials such as books or even stationary supplies.

Education is not the only major problem in slum areas. Sanitation is a prevalent issue that is often talked about and many are attempting to fix these problems. Living in crowded, dirty and “Inadequate sanitation remains a leading cause of diarrheal disease and mortality among children in developing countries, particularly in urban slums.” said Alison M. Buttenheim. Sanitation is a serious concern in third world countries because it can lead to many health issues. There are about 827,000 people who have died as a result of inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene.

These crises are a major problem plaguing today’s world because populations in third worlds are growing at a rapid pace. These problems need to be to the focal point of change in our world because of the debt countries are falling into, causing an economic recession in many parts of the country.