States Move to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

States Move to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

By Sam Baghal, Staff Writer

America’s youth vaping epidemic is continuing to make headlines, contributing to 15 reported deaths and countless illnesses across the country. 

The skyrocketing popularity of vapes and electronic cigarettes within adolescents has called for a more thorough examination of these products. Studies have recently come out, linking the nicotine-abundant gadgets to various forms of lung and heart disease, cancer, and asthma. Many potential dangers and health risks, however, still remain unknown since these devices are relatively new. 

Due to the surge of illnesses plaguing users, various states are taking steps to curb youth nicotine addiction. New York has instituted a ban on all e-cigarette flavors excluding menthol and tobacco, as they are relatively unpopular among teens; Rhode Island and Michigan have since done the same. 

Although this ban was enacted with good intentions of protecting children, it did not go without opposition. Many adults who actually use e-cigarettes for their intended use, weaning themselves off of their smoking addiction, insist that they should not be punished for juvenile irresponsibility of American teens.

Others argue that the country must go to whatever measures necessary in order to ensure our children’s safety. 

“It’s honestly sad how the teenage nicotine obsession has gotten to this level of severity. If these new laws will help prevent any more deaths or life-threatening diseases from afflicting more kids, then I am all for them,” Wayne Hills Junior Maddie Heinold said.

New York has additionally expanded school-based anti-vape programs, increased police action against sales to underage vapers, and instituted a 20 percent tax on all e-cigarettes. They will also be raising the age limit of purchasing tobacco and e-cigarette products from 18 to 21 on November 13. 

All of these efforts have been set in motion for the purpose of halting the vape and e-cig epidemic that has recently shown its life-threatening consequences. As many other states are now considering the establishment of a ban as well, it is clear that New York has initiated a movement towards eliminating the calamitous nicotine crisis.