Students React to the Blocking of

Students React to the Blocking of

By Yulieanna Sim, Staff Writer

Students at WHHS were shocked to see that their favorite gaming website,, was blocked in late January.

“It’s disgraceful for what they’re doing to us when all we want to do is play cool math games,” junior Ilona Margolin shared.

Despite its misleading name, has nothing to do with math. The website is a popular source of entertainment and stress relief for students. The reason behind this travesty is unknown, but it can be assumed that administrators determined it to be a website that distracts students from their education.

No one knows who is responsible for the blocking of this beloved website; even Vice Principal Kristy Stofey had no knowledge of the censorship of Cool Math Games.

Students were quick to notice the website’s disappearance as confusion and frustration began during second period on Friday, January 25th.

“Why now? If they give us chromebooks, they should trust us, and we should have these entertainment resources,” sophomore Alyssa Wisely remarked.

Other students quickly got over this tragedy due to alternatives website where some of the entertaining and classic games that were on the original website still exist.

“You can block one [gaming] website but there are still so many others that people could go on so it doesn’t matter,” commented sophomore Joelle Ricci.

As of February 13th, however, the website is not blocked, but there is no guarantee that it will not be blocked again in the future.