OFF-WHITE Air Max 97 Menta Review


By Isaiah Ahumada, Staff Writer

The Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 has been recently released on Thursday, Oct 18 at sneaker stores everywhere in the U.S.!

The famous Off-White line is created by Virgil Abloh, an iconic DJ and cultural figure. Nike recently teamed up with Abloh to design the increasingly popular Nike Off-White collection. The shoe collection has grown in popularity do to it’s remake of classic shoes and will only continue to grow further.

Abloh takes on an unique approach to modifying both old and new shoes. Classic remakes include the Jordan 1s and Nike Air Prestos. New shoes include the Nike Vapormax.

This specific shoe in review is a modification of the original Air Max 97 silhouette; It has a dark and light grey colorway. Of course, it has the famous zip tag in a light blue color, but what really brings out the shoe is the multi-color Nike swoosh. The beginning of the swoosh has a menta color, then transitions to a blue, and ends in punch.

Junior student Justin Daniels has a lot to say about this shoe, claiming it is, “The best and cleanest colorway of the collection, ” when questioned on his thoughts about the shoes.

In addition to it’s designer name, this shoe has gathered extremely high ratings. It has a 4.66 out of 5 rating on! It’s only available in retail or from personal shoe sellers, so buy your pair before they sell out!